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13 Green Aso-ebi Lace Styles To Spark up Your Look for Your October Events.

A Woman can look Beautiful in any outfit but the right outfit will not only Beautiful her but empower her”

Hi Priceless,

It’s an Honour to have you here on my first ever Edition on Aso-ebi lace styles for this month of October.

Obviously we’re in the long awaited Ember-season, the period of merriment and festivities, if you’re an Owambe chic, you will undoubtedly attest to that.

Sure, i know you’ve got countless invites lined up for you be it weddings, naming ceremony, chieftancy….so many of them and you don’t have to give a slight chance to be caught unfresh.

All should be well packaged&top-notch !

Don’t bother so much okay?

i’ve got you covered on some stunning Aso-ebi lace styles,which i’m sure you wil love, although they are all green coded but you can still apply the styles to another outfit colour.

Just ensure you style with a professional Designer and your accessories should always be ready to spark up the sparkles.

Alright let’s unveil the Diamonds !














■The remaining 13 styles will be published tomorrow by 3pm CAT.

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